Most recent sketches

Since I haven’t done a post with some of my most recent work – here’s a selection!

prints Scan 3 Scan 4 Scan 5Scan



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Victoria Park

The final print I’m featuring this week is the Victoria Park Print, this particular print was created whilst spending Christmas Day 2012 relaxing in Victoria Park, Hong Kong. We decided to buy lunch in a local sandwich shop & head to the park, it felt weird not spending our Christmas Day opening present and being surrounded by family, so I turned to my trusty sketchbook. If you’re interested in buying this print – head over to my shop.

victoria park leaves

Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos of the area where we were sat, but here’s a few other photos of my travels:IMG_9010IMG_9009



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Big Wave Bay

The penultimate print I’m featuring is my Big Wave Bay Print. As I previously mentioned on Christmas Eve 2012 we made our way to Hong Kong to walk the Dragon’s Back Trail. After a long 3 hours trekking we made it to the end – Big Wave Bay. The most gorgeous secluded beach, after having lunch we decided to relax on the beach before heading back to the hotel & contacting our families.


I can’t recommend the Trail enough! It’s just the right level of difficulty & the views are insane! A must do if you’re ever in Hong Kong. Below is the finished print, if you’re interested in buying the print – visit my shop.



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Dragon’s Back

The third print I’m featuring this week is the Dragon’s Back Print, as mentioned in my previous post- my other half and I decided to be adventurous, and travelled to China to teach English. Being British they gave us a week’s holiday for Christmas so we decided to spend it in our favourite place: Hong Kong. On Christmas Eve 2012 we decided to head to the Shek O’Bay to walk the Dragon’s Back Trail.


Right at the start of the trail I couldn’t resist getting out my sketchbook & capturing the view in front of us (see photo above).
Below is the result; if you’re interested in purchasing this print please visit my shop.

dragon's back


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The second print I’m featuring this week is the Skyscrapers Print, this drawing was created during my first trip to Hong Kong. I was completely taken aback by the atmosphere and the height of the buildings that surrounded us.

IMG_8899_4408A photo of the view from the hotel.

After a long journey to Hong Kong we made it to our hotel and was immediately amazed by the view out of our hotel window on the 30th floor. The next morning I opened the blinds and got out my sketchbook – and the print is the finished article.


Hong Kong is by far one of my favourite places & I can’t wait to go back! Below is the Skyscrapers Framed Print, if your interested in purchasing it check out my shop.

hong kong skyscrapers


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Banyan Trees

It’s Monday and the first day of the week, and as promised here’s the first of my featured travel prints.

I’ve chosen to feature my Banyan Tree Print first, because this is where my travel sketchbook begins. In the Summer of 2012 myself and my partner decided to get away for a year and do something adventurous – we applied to teach English in China, in a province called Guangzhou. We had an apartment on campus & were surrounded by these amazing Banyan Trees.


Our lessons would finish quite early, so we would spend our evenings and weekends sat on our window seat enjoying the view. I would spend most of my time off drawing the view and different areas of the campus when the students would go home for the weekend.


The reason I chose to turn this drawing into a print is because every time I flick through my travel sketchbook and see this drawing I’m taken back to that window seat in my apartment and the students I taught. If your interested in buying this framed print – check out my shop.


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Coming soon…

After a long, hectic and drizzly week I turned to my travel sketchbook for inspiration – and so I decided that each day this week I’m going to feature one of my travel prints that I have for sale on my shop. My aim is to tell the story behind each print and to show some photos of my travels.

Here’s a sneaky peak of the prints I’m going to feature this week:


printsCheck back tomorrow for my first featured print – Banyan Trees


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I thought I’d write about some of my influences, my main influences being: Michelangelo, David Hockney and Henry Moore. These three artists have influenced my art greatly; even though I’ve had these books for years I still refer to them to spark my creativity. Each time I re-read these books I see them from a different angle and notice something different.

The first book on my influential list is the biography of the life of Michelangelo, written by Giorgio Vasari as part of his collection of great Renaissance artists. This particular book I’ve read many times and seem to enjoy more each time I read it, Michelangelo’s passion for creating art drives me to continue with my artworks when I’m lacking in energy.



The second book on my list is David Hockney’s A Yorkshire Sketchbook, I bought this book after I visited his exhibition – A Bigger Picture. The sketchbook shows Hockney’s working progress, and although some of his paintings aren’t finished or ‘perfect‘ their still amazing paintings; this inspires me to think subjectively about my work. One of my aims in life is to spend a few months in Yorkshire drawing the landscapes that he depicts in this sketchbook.



Henry Moore’s Sheep Sketchbook is next on my list and was a big surprise to me when I first opened it; I’d always know him as a sculptor and hadn’t seen many of his drawings. His style of drawing I haven’t seen before and completely blew me away! (You might be able to see his influence in my travel prints) The way he looks at the form and shape of the animals is something very unique, he interprets and investigates the world in a completely different way.



The last book on my list was given to me as a gift before I went to China – David Hockney and Stephen Spender’s China Diary. This influenced me to keep a sketchbook while I was living in China – visit my shop to see them. The China Hockey visited has changed quite dramatically from the China I visited, however I could still see similarities running through the landscapes – the colours that he uses in his paintings are visible in the landscapes that still exist today.




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Pop into my Shop

Just a little post to mention my online shop. It’s been something I’ve wanted to do for awhile – so I decided to bite the bullet and set it up! I’ve always gotten great feedback from my friends and family, but I was always a bit anxious about putting my artworks out there and selling them.

My dream has always been to become an artist and make a living from something that comes so naturally to me, as I always find myself sketching or painting whenever I get some free time. So here’s some images from the shop – I’d love get feedback from you guys; be it about my work or the shop itself. There’s more pieces being added to the shop very soon, so check back in the next few weeks!


Lily Framed Print £8.00

yellow and blue

Blue Framed Print £8.00


Banyan Trees Print £8.00


Big Wave Bay Print £8.00

shelfWindow Still Oil Painting Canvas £49.00

Check them out at the shop

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Selection of Summer Sketches

The past couple of weeks we’ve had some great weather in the UK, & the sunny weather always inspires me to get my sketchbook and pen out.

So here’s a few of the most recent entries in my sketchbook.

Scan 4

The collection of plants on my window sill – my own little green house.

Scan 6

After a day out in the sunshine shopping, I decided to buy a bunch of Sunflowers to sketch when I returned home.


Some of the flowers on my window sill.

Scan 8A super quick sketch whilst relaxing in the Saturday sunshine with a beer.

My aim with this blog is to upload as many sketches as possible, whether they’re finished or just experimentations, so if you like what you see & want to see more – remember to hit follow! If you want to see more of my artworks check out my Instagram @NRobertsArt.

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